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The Patriot Girls are a National Modeling Group launched in the spring of 2007 as a grass-roots effort to boost the morale of our troops and raise awareness and money for various charities that benefit them and/or their families.

Some of the charities that the Patriot Girls have benefited are the Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Troop Appreciation, and the Fischer House Foundation. For 2010, we are looking for even MORE!

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, The Patriot Girls has rapidly grown to include well over 500 Patriot Girls and Staff Photographers in more than 40 States! Day by day and week by week the Patriot Girls get bigger and bigger!

PATRIOT GIRLS "USA" MS page features 1 photo of each Patriot Girl wearing our signature stars/stripes bikini or stars/stripes dress and you can find most of our state profiles in the Top Friends.

As Patriot Girls continue to grow we are continually coming up with new concepts and ideas. In 2009, we launched 3 new divisions...

PATRIOT GIRLS "SPECIAL FORCES" to continue honoring and supporting America's troops and vets.

PATRIOT GIRLS "BRAVEST" to honor and support America's Firefighters, Rescue, and Emergency Services.

PATRIOT GIRLS "FINEST" to honor and support America's Law Enforcement.

Most recently, we've launched "PATRIOT GIRLS "INTERNATIONAL" to represent Countries all over the World and inspire "patriotism" for each respective country as we have in the USA! We've started out with Australia, Canada, and the UK, but will continue to add others as we find photographers and models to launch them.

In addition to the various Calendars and Posters we create, our website will be overhauled for 2010 to have a fresh new look and feel. Look for Official Patriot Girls Apparel, Merchandise, and "Patriot Girls Magazine" coming next spring too!

Previous experience is preferred, but not required. If you think you have what it takes and you're interested in becoming a Patriot Girl, Fill out the Application proccess andThey will contact you shortly.