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A few things we have learned over the years:


The day of our shoot should be fun. It should also be exciting, creative, energetic and memorable.  A shoot is your time to shine.  I am here to bringing out your sexy, artistic, glamorous, hot and fantastic self.  This is your day.  Your moment.  Let's make it so that the rest of the world looks at your image and goes - "DAMN !!". 
      If we set up a shoot, I have some information that will help to make it happen:

      1.  Please get a good nights sleep and limit your consumption of alcohol the night before we shoot.  Come  prepared and bring everything we talked about.
      2.  If I haven't heard from you by the day before our shoot, I will cancel or replace you.  Communication up to the time of the shoot is very important. 
      3.  If an MUA or hair stylist is required, that is your cost.  If shoot is for a client, they will cover all cost.. 

We do very little Photoshop editing on images, because I believe it takes away from the original image and can make it look too fake and plastic looking. However, you will be given the opportunity to have our graphic artist touch up and edit any images you want. A CD of will be provided after editing. 

Looking to work with fresh faces with little or no experience. Our rates are priced so that we can work together to get the images you need. Models wanting TF shoots, they are limited, but are available. Let me know what you are interested in creating, and we can see what we can do. 

***  If we are going to work with each other, PLEASE fill out the information on the links on this page so we will have the information needed.  Thanks